Thursday, January 20, 2011

my schedule

alamak! terkecik plak gambr nie..actually yg kt ats 2 i punyer time table for this sem..last sem in segamat..last sem in uitm segamat..last sem in johor..hhaha amik ko!

best an time table i..seriusly i x penah dpt time tble like this b4..b4 this, every sem i have class on fiday..i have to use the opportunity available as possible..yippi..

my cousin ade pesan..gunekn waktu blaja ni sebaiknya.sbb time keje xde nye u akn dpt time tble yg mcm gini..jgn mimpi di siang ari k..mlm hari pon x kn dpt Okey! memandngkn last sem..i nak naikkn pointr i dgn berusaha lbh keras..cuti bnyk so bleh la siapkn asgmnt n stdy..n lps ni xde reason lg klss ful..klss i x penah full ye..sekian terima ksih..hahaha..n for those people want to see feel free to see u guys..just buzz me wokey.=D see ya

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