Monday, January 24, 2011

miss my ex besties.

hye u all...

i want to ask u something.hrmmm....every person have their own bestfrend rite?..i am not exception.. i also have my own bestfriend..but unlucky bestfrnd was leave me 2 years ago..if im not mistaken.sedih kan..huhuhu..

why ?
why me?

the answer that i got from him is so simple n hurt me so seriusly nowadays, i always dream of him..x tau la...i admit all that happened between me and him is one of my own fault..yes that true..but he make it too.

hrmmm...he's my firts love first love n my bestfriend..! b4 this i cant forget him..all memory between us is wonderful n i always remember it.. i can not throw him away..u all imagine i falling in love with him since i form 1..hahah..lamakn..hahah..

but now i already forget him!!! Ya Allah..thanks Ya Allah...i can..I CAN...I CAN! forget him.i can throw him away.i can delete all memory between us. hahah.

.i already have people who really love me..n i love him him like i never ever love no one before him..

moreover, he leave me! not i leave i must accept it n i have to continue my life without him n just continue with people who i love n love..

when i think it back, i rase ade hikmah sebalik semua nie..dsbbkn die tggl an i..hati i mmg tertutup utk my heart is open for Zaidulkhair.only him can open it.thnks b coz always support me n always there for me whatever condition n situation.n most important.thnnks b coz love me ...thnks b. i love u so much..

thanks Allah coz bring him to really appreciate it..

thanks to my mom n dad. coz endorsing our relationship.thanks u so much..
btol ckp org klo ibu bapa kite x merestui hubungn kite.hubungan 2 x kn bjaya..
hhuhuhuh..the moral of the story..
Miss Miera ape awk merepek nie..kah kah kah...

ni la keje bile dah xde keje..n i bosan x tau nak update ape..huhuhu
but ape yg cite b4 nie..its my true life..yes. i have ex besfren n i miss him alot actually..but as a person that was ignore by him.i should ignore my feeling towards him..huhuhu..
da la..pening la..kang lg lame lg merapu..stop rite now k.
have a nice day everyone =D

1 comment:

  1. tao dah sape..

    alorh b dah ade.
    chaayo miera!
    tumpang happy ngn life kau skrg.
    kawen jempot!!!