Friday, March 5, 2010

I miss my Dad..

just now i ade terbace blog kwn skola rendah..OMg i x tau lak yg die dah kehilangn ayahanda yg tersayang..maybe sbb i dah lost contact ngn die..

cite die kt blog btol2 make me realize bout my dad..i mmg x bape rapat ngn my dad sbb my dad agak pendiam n share story ni jarang skit ngn i lebih rapat ngn my mom..everything i can share with my mom..x kesah la bout friend, my prob or my TUT...

actually i try to be nice n to be close with my dad..but x dad punyer la pendiam..sometime if he got a nice mood he will chat wit me...

n im seriously jeolous ngn kwn yg mempunyai seorang ayah yg sngt sporting..n yg plng dekat is my uncle..OMG mmg sporting abis..bkn nak kate my dad x dad give everything i want.he give me freedom coz he trust me.".thanks ayah coz trust me!!" but i nak die rapat wit his children like my mom did..

n onething i nak sngt said that i love him so much!!! n i miss him alot..i nak sngt peluk die bile i nak blk x tau la mcm x terbuat lak..maybe kitorang x diajar mcm just salam tgn n kiss his hand like usual..

but starting now when my mom call i nnt i nak talk wit him..sikit pon jadila..hhheh..promise k mira!!

to my loving Dad!
I love u so much!!
thank u for teach me everything..
thanks for make me a such good daugther..
thnks for ur concern n care
thanks coz u trust me!
miss u muahhh!!!

Al Fatihah for arwah ayahanda my old friend.
semoga roh berada bersama ngn org yg beriman.

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